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About Us

Pertubuhan Memupuk Asas Ikatan Keluarga, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor ( PEMALIK ) also known as Association For Fostering Family Ties, Kuala Lumpur And Selangor was founded in Year 2006 by people who have come to recognise the seriousness of parental alienation and its negative effects in society today.

It is Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Gender Biased & Non-Profit oriented organisation open to members in the Malaysian community.


To create awareness of the importance of family ties especially so amongst young children and parents. We encourage the development of good parenting and family values in this day and age.

Parental relationship with children is essential for healthy mind as well as for a balanced emotional and physical development in our society.
Today, we see an increasing trend of couples embroiled in marital disputes using "Parental Alienation" to punish and deprive the other half of the love of their children. What usually happens is that one parent(perpetrator) tends separate a target parent(victimized) from having any association with their children(victim). It is done in many ways, some aggressively, others tacitly.

Aggressive methods are when one parent expressly disallows the other from communicating with their children. The victimized parent is unable to talk or see his/her  child in school and participate in activities with his/her children in school or in any events or functions.

Tacit methods are used when this parent influences the child negatively about the other parent through consciously or subconsciously means. Further, this domineering parent assures the child that it is alright for the child to ignore the other parent.
Simultaneously, we also see a growing trend in our society where ADULTS tend alienate their aged parents often leaving them in the hands of caregivers and depriving them of love and family ties.